Your website should provide information that would engage users so that they're able to consume your services. The FAMU website is the first interaction prospective students, faculty and staff have with the university, so we want to have an awesome first impression!

If you're a non-academic department, you want to provide information to users that help them understand the services you provide and how they can utilize them.

If you're an academic unit, you want to do your very best to sell your product, education. Some students may know what they want to major in and some may still be on the fence. How can you persuade them to become FAMU students and under your particular field of study? You want to engage them in such a way and provide the information in such a way that they can't wait to enroll and become a rattler!

The information simply must continue to stay fresh accurate and updated. Anything less presents the risk of losing prospective students, faculty or staff.

Student-Centered Content

The main things students are looking for are academic programs, how long they take, what you offer, cost, etc. Information like, "About the College/School", "About the Dean", and historical types of information are important, but should be secondary to information that's going to help students become FAMU students and attending your college or school.

You want to do your very best to market your programs, experiences, curriculum, patents, etc. as those things will interest students and set your program apart from others and other universities. We want to ensure we are effectively marketing our products to students, which again, are the programs, experiences, etc. Tell the student why they should become FAMU students.

Too Many PDFs!

Too much vital information is provided on the website via PDF. I know it's convenient to those who are providing the information as you probably already have it in Microsoft Word, but it's cumbersome to work with for the end-user as it's not mobile-friendly. Most websites are looked at on their phones vs on a desktop or laptop. As such, downloading a PDF, pinching and expanding it to see the information is not user-friendly.

I know some documents need to be in PDF form, but most of the information doesn't need to be. Please put it on a web page.